I am a writer and freelance journalist. I write books for readers in different ages, mostly for children and young adults, but lately I have started to concentrate more on crime novels. Variety is what I enjoy - after finishing a children´s book it is really refreshing to do something totally different, like a crime novel. It also works the other way around.

Writing has always been very important to me, a huge part of my life. I could have been about five when I started to write stories and drawing pictures next to them, so the outcome would look like a real book.

I never dared to think that one day I could really be an author. Writing a book always seemed such a difficult thing to do, so I only wrote for fun, simply for myself. It was only a coincidence that I noticed an ad in the newspaper about a writing contest. Writing of children´s books. It was an opportunity I could not miss. I had a little puppy back then, a Scottish terrier named Berta, and I decided that my first book would be about her. It was year 2004 and I was a 22 years old girl.

I really did not think that my manuscript would be among the winners. I was certain that there was going to be lots and lots of other participants who are much more experienced and better writers than I was. It went much better than I excpected. The manuscript did not win a prize, but it was marked in the competition and published a year later. So 2005 was the year of my first published book, "Koeralaps Berta seiklused" (The Adventures of A Puppy Called Berta").

This experience and recognition gave me a lot of courage to continue writing. I thought perhaps it would not be that crazy idea to write another book. And so it was - I became kind of addicted to writing. It made me restless when I was not writing anything, and it always felt like something was missing. This is the way it still is. I really enjoy this creative process, when the story becomes alive and opens up to me. Stephen King has this interesting theory about writing that all stories somehow exist already and writer is like an archeologist whose job is to dig them out of the ground. It seems right to me - the story is already out there, I just have to find it and write it down.

So who am I, besides being a writer? I was born 31st of March, 1982 in small Estonian town Viljandi, but following 22 years I lived and studied in Tallinn. Since 2016 I live in Keila which is another small town close to Tallinn. In college I studied international tourism management, but I have never worked in tourism sector. I definitely do not regret my studies, but if I was 18 again today, then I probably would choose something that is a little more close to my heart - kind of like writing is. Since 2003 I have been working as a freelance journalist and written articles to many Estonian newspapers and magazines - Äripäev, Maaleht, Postimees, TM Kodu ja Ehitus and many others. I like being a freelancer, it suits me well and I like to work independently. It is not a problem for me to meet deadlines! :)

I have also translated four books from English to Estonian. It was very interesting and I loved translating, but it left no time for my own writing - this is the reason I gave it up and decided to concentrate on my own work.

In 2007 I took part of an online tuition class in New York´s creative writing school named Gotham Writer´s Workshop. I chose Fiction Writing, because, after all, this was what I was doing and this skill I wanted to improve as much as possible. Those classes lasted ten weeks, were entirely online courses and I consider it a great experience. I learned a lot and found new friends from all over the world.

I have quite many hobbies and one that I have had since early childhood, is reading. I truly believe that someone who does not read books, can also not be a writer - at least not a very good one. You can learn so much through reading, no matter what kind of literature. I love classical books, but my big favorites are also Scandinavian crime stories and this is probably what I read most. My favorite authors in this genre are Camilla Läckberg, Lars Kepler, Henning Mankell and Stieg Larsson. It is even difficult to point out my favorite classical authors or books, because there are so many of them, but for example, some of them I really love are Fitzgerald, Remarque, Wilde, du Maurier, Bulgakov...

Another big and important hobby of mine is Swedish language, history and culture. This interest started in 1997, when as a 15-year old girl I discovered Swedish band Roxette. Ever since, their music has helped and inspired me a lot. From the love of this band outgrew even greater love for Sweden. I absolutely adore Stockholm and my dream is to live in there one day. I often read and explore about the vikings, Swedish kings and queens, runestones and about everything that has something to do with Sweden.