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The Candy Man ("Kommionu",Tänapäev, 2017 or 2018)

3rd part of Rebecca Lindeberg crime series. In this novel pregnant Rebecca faces the most challenging case in her career. Several little girls disappear and soon one of them is found murdered. Rebecca tries to handle somehow her own upside-down private life and at the same time she must focus hard to catch the kidnapper and murderer. Rebecca´s colleagues are also shocked of what is happening and they are becoming more and more afraid that other children might be killed as well.

Can Anybody Hear Me? ("Kas keegi kuuleb mind", Tänapäev, 2017)

It is the second part of Rebecca Lindeberg crime series. In this book 17 years old Stefan disappears and at first it seems that the boy has just run away. However, soon his dead body is found from forest and it looks horribly disfigured and tortured. Young officer Rebecca Lindeberg and her collegues try to find out what happened, but soon they face another brutal murder. This time the victim is Stefan´s father. When also his mother disappears, police understands that they are having a race with time: will they manage to save at least this woman? And why would anybody want to destroy this seemingly ordinary family?

Before It's Too Late ("Enne kui on hilja", Tänapäev, 2015)

I have always loved crime fiction and most of my favorite authors in this genre are wonderful Scandinavian writers: Camilla Läckberg, Lars Kepler, Henning Mankell, Stieg Larsson... So this wish and decision about my very own crime series came quite naturally to me. "Before It´s Too Late" is the first one of those series about young and beginner criminal officer Rebecca Lindeberg who tries hard to prove herself in this job, and at the same time struggles with her difficult past and eating disorders. She also tries with all her might to hide her feelings towards colleague, Anders Ojasalu. Anders is married and has three children. Rebecca does not want to be a family wrecker.

In the first part of the series mother of two young children disappears and is soon found brutally murdered. Rebecca Lindeberg takes the case but is not able at first to find any reason why would anyone want to harm this young woman. However, Rebecca and her colleagues soon discover one strange thing after another and the whole case starts to look so disturbing that Rebecca feels it is too much for her, she is just not able to manage.

Miraculum ("Miraculum", Tänapäev, 2015)

Main character in this book is a young married woman Mirjam who had to take care of her younger siblings all through her childhood, because alcoholic mother just could not care. Now she has finally started her independent life and enjoys tremendously being free. She does not want even to think about the time she still lived at home. But when her mother suddenly dies, it appears that there is nobody to take care of her four underaged children - Mirjam´s sisters and brothers. Now she has to make one of the most difficult decisions in her life: is she going to send her siblings to orphanage or will she try to manage raising all of them by herself, sacrificing her own life once again...?

The Chameleon Man ("Kameeleonmees", Tänapäev, 2013)

"The Chameleon Man" is my second crime novel. I enjoyed a lot writing my first crime story "Bertrande" and wanted to explore more with writing in this genre. It was Ruth Rendell´s novel "Adam And Eve and Pinch Me" that gave me inspiration for writing this book - the idea that people are not always who they seem to be.

There are three main characters in this book. One of them is introverted and shy pregnant woman Grethel who finds out one day that her boyfriend has been murdered. Another is young officer Silver who tries to find out what happened and also struggles with his own problems and dilemmas. And third character is Silver´s girlfriend Lili-Hanna - easy-going hippy girl who simply because of being bored decides to interfere the investigation, never thinking about the consequences that it might lead to.

The Butterfly Sonate ("Liblikasonaat", Tänapäev, 2010)

In 2010, "The Butterfly Sonate" was a marked manuscript in the novel contest by publisher Tänapäev.

"The Butterfly Sonate" tells a story about young mother of three children who finds out she has a cancer. Just at the same time her husband loses job and those two coincidences turn their family life that was already in crisis, completely upside down.

I read from an article that breast cancer is one of the major death causes for women. It made me think about what could possibly those people feel who have received this horrible diagnosis, how are they accept the fact that there might be no future waiting for them? Even young and very young people may suffer severe illnesses. Some of them might be parents to small children... How do you live with knowing that you might not ever see them growing up?

Bertrande ("Bertrande", Tänapäev, 2009)

When I first got an idea to write about a little girl kidnapped from kindergarten, I decided to put it on a hold for a while - there were many other projects that needed finishing and it was just not a good time to write a new book.

However it was very difficult for me not to write, as this story started to unfold in my head every day, more and more. Soon I knew all the characters and their problems, also most of what happens when the little girl is gone. When I finally began writing, it took about 4 months to complete the manuscript.

"Bertrande is my first book with two main characters - there is two different lines in the story which sometimes also get crossed.

Liisel's Key ("Liiseli võti", Tänapäev, 2008)

In 2008, "Liisel´s Key" won 2nd prize in the novel contest by publisher Tänapäev.

This novel is a story about a young woman who with her two little daughters runs away from her violent boyfriend. I wrote an article in 2007 about domestic violence towards women and eventually it inspired me to write this book. I remember best one thing I was told - too many women suffers in silence and dares not to leave their violent husbands. Some are afraid of revenge, others fear that they cannot handle their life financially. I started to think about it and soon an idea came to me, to write about a woman who despite all her struggles has picked up courage to leave and free both herself and her children from this nightmare.

Ghost ("Vaim", Tänapäev, 2008)

In some way, "The Ghost" is a classical ghost book, especially the first half of it. But as whole I tried to make it a bit more than just a spooky story. "The Ghost" tells about choices and decisions we have to make in our lives. About how much everything we say and do influences not only ourselves, but also lives of other people. And how easily one careless decision may ruin everything.

Silver Angel ("Hõbeingel", Tänapäev, 2007)

"Silver Angel" is a special book to me, as it is my very first novel. For a while I had wanted to write something for adults, it was an exciting challenge to me. The idea of this story came to me one evening when I was browsing through a book about creative writing and found an interesting exercise meant to train writing skills. You had to think of a character who has seemingly perfect life, but who is still not happy. So began my main character, a woman who has family, good job and nice home, but who still feels herself very lonely because her husband works abroad and has practically no time at all for his wife and children.

Stories About Dogs ("Lugusid koertest", Kentaur, 2005)

This is my second book, a non-fictional short story collection which is meant mostly for dog owners and other people who love animals. I gathered here all those interesting and colorful stories that have happened to me and my pets ever since my childhood. The idea to write this sort of book came to me after my 14-years old dog died. I wanted something of him to last forever, so that those funny and interesting episodes of his life would never disappear. At first I wrote those stories only for myself and my family, because I never thought it could be interesting to other people. But I liked the outcome and started thinking about getting it published. The same year my very first book, "Adventures Of A Puppy Called Berta" was published, and it gave me lot of courage to try once again. I was very very happy when the publishers accepted this little book!

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Halloween ("Halloween", Tänapäev, 2015)

In 2014 this book won 3rd prize in the competition of young adult novels, by publisher Tänapäev and Estonian Children´s Literature Centre.

Susan is a 14 years old girl whose life is completely messed up after death of her uncle. Her father is very depressed because of losing his brother and seeks comfort from alcohol. Family faces one tragedy after another, father loses his job and they have to sell their house, relationships between Susan´s mother and father are very tense. The situation in home has become untolerable for Susan and her little brother Rasmus. She cannot help but wonder: if she could find out what really happened and who is to blame for her uncle´s death... Perhaps it could help her father to accept reality and get a grip of his life again?

Friends Forever ("Igavesti sõbrad", Tänapäev, 2012)

I have noticed that many young adult novels talk about depression and suicidal thoughts. Mostly teenagers themselves are the ones who face those problems. But what would happen if it is a parent who gets hopelessly depressed? How would a teenager feel when he/she cannot do anything other than see and feel every day that normal life is falling apart, crumbling to tiny pieces?

Main character in this book is 12 year old Stella whose mother recently lost her leg in a terrible car accident. Her mother is very depressed, cannot accept being crippled and is not willing or able to go on with her life. So Stella has to manage somehow with her depressed mother and also a stepfather who would like to help his wife, but don´t know how to do it - just like Stella doesn´t know. All domestic chores and looking after her little sister are now on Stella´s shoulders. What´s worse, she even has no good friends in school who she could talk about her concerns. Then she meets Saara in one online message board. Saara also has problems with her mother, but those problems are quite different from the ones Stella is facing...

Two very different girls become best friends and they both try to help and give advice to each other. However, is there a solution to every problem?

From Fans, With Love ("Armastusega fännidelt", Tänapäev, 2012)

It occured to me that in Estonian youth literature there really are no books about a subject which probably most young people know about or have experienced. There are no books about fans and their idols! This subject has been very close to my heart for two whole decades and I do know a lot about fans and their lifestyle, so it felt natural, fun and inspiring to write a story about it. So the book "From Fans, With Love" was born. It is completely fictional story, but I admit that I have gathered some inspiration from real life when creating quite a few characters in this book.

This is a story about love, about that kind of special passionate love which is understood mostly by those who have felt the same way about some artist. 18 years old Lisann has been years an avid fan of a band and she has collected money to go to their concert. Her biggest dream ever is to meet the band members and talk to them. So when the band goes on a tour, she decides to travel all by herself around Europe and visit thirteen concerts in different countries. During those travels Lisann meets all kinds of interesting people, finds out a lot about them and also about herself.

The Meringue Castle ("Sefiirist loss", Tänapäev, 2010)

In 2010 this book won 2nd prize in the competition of young adult novels, by publisher Tänapäev and Estonian Children´s Literature Centre.

"The Meringue Castle" is a story about deep friendship, but also about mindless hating in our society, about not being able to accept those who are different. About the tragic consequences that violence in school might lead to, when nobody notices, nobody cares.

I have always wondered, why there is so much hostilty towards people who are different from others, no matter what reason. In Estonia there is so much hatred towards black people, russians, gays, religious people... the list just goes on and on. People hate just because of hating, "because he/she is not like I am". I cannot understand any of it.

In this book 16 years old Inga-Kerstin finds a soulmate and best friend she has ever had. It is a boy named Jakob from her class. Jakob is gay. Unfortunately others in the class find out about it and start bullying him, both mentally and physically.

Gypsy Girls ("Mustlasplikad", Tänapäev, 2009)

In 2008, "The Gypsy Girls" was a marked manuscript in the contest of children stories by publisher Tänapäev and Estonian Children´s Literature Centre.

"The Gypsy Girls" tells about three sisters who travel without their parents for the first time in their lives. Before entering the plane main character, 13 year old Liisi feels something is not right. She has a bad premonition and she´d much rather turn around. However it is not possible, sisters have got to go the plane. And indeed - Liisi´s premonition becomes true in many ways, sisters face one difficulty after another in their journey. In spite of that, "The Gypsy Girls" is not a negative book, but a simple story about surprises and discoveries, fears and hopes and mostly about relationships of those three sisters.

Fear Is Not Important ("Hirm pole tähtis", Kentaur, 2008)

This is a simple fantasy story for ages about 10-13 years. Matilda is a quiet 11 year old girl who has never had any close friends. In her new home she decides to be different and have more courage, so to become friends with children in her own age. And indeed, she soon befriends with two local girls. Those girls tell her about a dark secret that is haunting all the children in this village. Matilda soon finds herself in a whirlwind of extraordinary adventures that she so far has never even dreamed about.

The Cuckoo Of Maarjamäe ("Maarjamäe kägu", Tänapäev, 2007)

In 2006 this book won 3rd prize in the competition of young adult novels, by publisher Tänapäev and Estonian Children´s Literature Centre.

It is a story about a 17 year old Marja-Liis who has recently moved to Tallinn from Tartu and is not settling well in her new hometown. She also has very low self-esteem. "The Cuckoo Of Maarjamäe" is a growing up-story. After one silly mistake Marja-Liis will realize how much negativity there has been in her mind and that life is definitely not so depressing as she used to imagine.

A Girl Named Maricruz ("Tüdruk nimega Maricruz", Kentaur, 2007)

It is a simple short story for girls aged 10-13. At first I was planning to write a novel about a housewife who after death of her sister must take care of her 10-year old niece. However this concept did not seem right for me and after thinking a little while I decided to write this story through the eyes of 12 year old girl whose family adopts their little relative. Main subjects in this story are friendship and rivalry, honesty and fighting for justice.

Almost Cinderella ("Peaaegu Tuhkatriinu", Kentaur, 2007)

"Almost Cinderella" was chosen by Tallinn Central Library to be the most read children´s book of the year 2007.

This is one of the fastest books I have written, it took me about three weeks to complete the manuscript. Everything in this story was somehow "already there" from the beginning and it seemed to me as if the story wrote itself.

The book is about 13 year old Emilia who does not want to accept her stepmother and her little son. She does all sorts of mischief to get "strangers" out of her home. However things to not go that smoothly and Emilia is soon in a big trouble.

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Evelin: New Stories ("Evelini uued lood", Tänapäev, 2016)

This is a sequel to my children´s book "Stories About Evelin". It was planned from a beginning as a series of books, but I managed to write the second part five whole years after the first one. Main character in this book is a eleven year old girl Evelin who comes from a large family: she has six siblings, and their parents are quite poor.

This book contains two new stories about Evelin. In the first one, "Evelin And The Boy Next Door" she has to stay home alone for several days with her sisters and brothers. Children have to take care of everything by themselves and as things were not difficult enough, Evelin faces problems with a little boy who lives next door. He is also home alone, but his reasons for this are quite different...

In the second story, "Evelin is a detective", Evelin and her friends begin finding out what has happened to many cats and dogs who are lost in their neighbourhood.

Will there be more stories about that courageous little girl? Why not, but at the moment it is not certain, when will that be.


Adventures Of Roosi And Liisu ("Roosi ja Liisu seiklused", Tänapäev, 2015)

This is something for the youngest readers. The story about Roosi and Liisu began from a soft stuffed bunny that my aunt gave for my little daughter, for her first birthday. Bunny who was named Roosi, looked so expressive and alive that I could not help but think about a story, specially when I found out that my aunt has also another bunny like this at home. Her bunny was called Liisu. I decided to make those two little rabbits friends in my story, so they could have their own adventures and dreams about a nice little child to play with. So the book was born. "Adventures Of Roosi And Liisu" is not just a book about little toy bunnies, it also tells a story about several different children and problems in their lives.

Stories About Evelin ("Evelini lood", Tänapäev, 2011)

In this book there is two stories about 10 year old Evelin, a girl from a large family - "Evelin In A New School" and "Evelin Goes To Work". In some way Evelin is like Pippi from Pippi Longstocking stories - she is courageous and smart and always ready to help and protect those who are smaller and weaker than her. She is a little bit sad because her family is so poor, but she still finds that life with six siblings is interesting and fun.

In the first story Evelin tries to settle in her new school and to find some friends, in the second story she has decided to earn some pocket money in summer.

"Stories About Evelin" covers some serious subjects like poverty, teasing in school, bad relationships with step-parents, low self-esteem and stealing. Despite of those subjects, the book as a whole is rather positive and humorous.

Never Without Muri ("Ei iialgi ilma Murita", Kentaur, 2010)

This book is meant for children about 9-12 years of age.

Meribel and Anette are two sisters who are living in an orphanage. They dream about a real family where would be mother, father and definitely also a dog. When girls are adopted by a wealthy couple and they indeed buy them a golden retriever, it seems at first that all their dreams have become true. But their stepmother Helen finds it difficult to live with a dog. She decides to give away the dog, but the girls already love the puppy and don´t want to hear of losing him. Initial perfect happiness starts to fade quickly and situation in the family becomes more and more tense every day.

Little Queen ("Väike kuninganna", Tänapäev, 2009)

In 2008, "Little Queen" was a marked manuscript in the contest of children stories by publisher Tänapäev and Estonian Children´s Literature Centre.

This is a story about 8-years old Bianka who loves fairy tales. In the evening of one specially bad and difficult day she sees a falling star and remembers what her grandmother has said about it - that then you have to make a wish, and it becomes true. Bianka wishes herself to a Fairy Tale Land where everyone would adore and respect her. Next morning she wakes up and finds that her wish has indeed become true. At first everything looks wonderful, but Bianka soon finds out that not even in Fairy Tale Land everything is not perfect. People in here seem to have some sort of a dark secret that nobody even dares to talk about.

Two years before writing this book I started thinking about writing an adventure story based on fairy tales. I even imagined parts of this story - glimpse of a mermaid under the water, dragon with a broken wing howling and bursting fire under the high wall, little girl who is escaping from the witch and running to the sea... However I did not know back then, how to make this story as a whole. About a year later the story opened up to me and suddenly I knew exactly what to write, and how.

Anna And Her Guinea Pig Julius ("Anna ja tema marisiga Julius", Tänapäev, 2007)

This is my second book for children and it is inspired from my own pet. I used to have a brown little guinea pig named Julius who had such a funny and lovely nature that to me he suited perfectly to be a character in a children´s book.

The book is meant for children around ages 5-8 years and it is a story about little girl called Anna who has a big dream in her life: to have a pet. For her sixth birthday she indeed gets a guinea pig whom she calls Julius. Anna soon finds out that this little animal has a special gift - he can speak, but only to his little owner.

I tried to add into those stories all sorts of interesting and educational things for children - how to take care of a pet, how to make pancakes, how to throw a party etc.

The Adventures Of A Puppy Called Berta ("Koeralaps Berta seiklused", Tänapäev, 2005)

I had dreamed about writing a book for a long time, but always lacked courage and self-confidence to actually do it. Then I noticed an ad in the newspaper, about a contest of children stories, and felt I could not miss this kind of opportunity. I eagerly started writing a story about a puppy who has been stolen from her home, and sent the manuscript without actually believing that someone would really want to publish it. I was certain that other participants are much better and more mature writers than I then was.

It was a wonderful surprise when it appeared that my manuscript was marked in the competition and will get published!